Why use Techmatics Robots

For the building inspectors

Sub-floor inspection is a time consuming process, where the inspector has to enter the manhole and painfully crawl to inspect the sub-floor. This can result to being exposed to unwanted  health and safety hazards such as asbestos and leptospirosis causing long term damage.

With our Robots, building inspectors can inspect through the underfloor space to plan and organize their repairs by getting an accurate assessment of the job without compromising  health and safety of staff. The robot can enter the crawlspace or the sub-floor cavity and carry our a detailed remote inspection, saving you time and money. 

 The average time saved per inspection is between 30% to 40%.  Once the inspection is completed, drag and drop images on to the report for a efficiency and faster delivery of the building  report to the customer. Use our state of the art remote viewing option to share  the live inspection with a supervisor for a second opinion.

For the Engineers

For the engineers this can be a great tool to inspect culverts, storm water pipes and crawlspaces for planning out repairs saving time and taking the guess work out. 

Inspect storm water drains 100 meters of more with our cabled robot. The robot can be used wirelessly or through a cabled solution for the video signal. Depending on the use case the robot can be used for various scenarios making it a cost effective and a reliable solution.

For Lawyers

Images from the robot can be can be solid proof in case of a dispute. The split screen mode with the Thermal Imaging and the HD camera can provide real time accurate evidence of moisture damage, faulty wiring, termite damage protecting the homeowner and the building inspector. 

Photos from the robot can be recorded and presented in both the Thermal Mode and the HD mode can be downloaded and shared instantly saving time and as a further proof of the inspection.

For the Vehicle Inspector

For the vehicle inspector the robot can save time by providing a detail assessment of the underside of the vehicle to look for hidden problems and damages . Regular checks with the robot can save thousands of dollars by reducing down times, plan ahead for repairs adding to the efficiency and productivity of your company. 

Thermal Inspection of the underside of the vehicles can indicate potential problems which can be repaired before it becomes an expensive problem to fix or a health and safety matter. 

Custom built inspection robots

High grade inspection robot with custom built electronics and software. With our robots you can conduct remote high definition inspection along with a thermal view, allowing the inspector to get a detail view of the crawlspace from a safe distance. 

The user can control the view from the tablet  provided with the ability to zoom into the object for better clarity. We can also customize the robot with additional hardware, sensors and software to meet your needs. Fully designed and built in New Zealand. 

Functional and easy to use system

The robot  is easy to use and maintain. With three easy step the user can turn on the system and start using it. Unlike drones the ground rover is much easier to control and use. The split screen function on tablet allows the user to see and capture both in High Definition mode and Thermal Mode at the same time so that the inspector can present a clear report to their client.  The system comes with an optical zoom function allowing the user to focus in on the concerns of the crawlspace be it sub-floor inspection, under vehicle inspection or culvert inspection. 

Cloud Platform for Remote view and storage

The robot can also be used on the 4G/5G network allowing the user to remotely see  the video over the cellular network making it one of the most advanced inspection system in the International market. We can tailor  make a cloud platform to suit your business needs. Get live view of the inspection, save the images on the cloud and manage them as required. 

Advanced HD/Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot

Robot Details

Custom Built Inspection Robots

Are you worried about the Health and Safety of your staff inspecting confined spaces or hazardous environment. Are you reluctant to inspect contaminated areas. Techmatics has developed an innovative yet easy  system to inspect these hazardous  areas without endangering your staff.

  • Made in New Zealand.
  • Easy to use Taylor made solution for inspecting confined spaces.
  • High grade power coated metal body dust proof and splash proof.
  • Supported by Callaghan Innovation. (Ministry of innovation and Business)
  • Compatible with iOS and Android Tablets
  • Cloud based desktop software
    application for Data storage. (Optional)
How does it work

The Hades Robotic inspection system comes in weather tight case. Turn on the robot and the tablet and you are ready for your inspection. The robot can be built as a wireless system or a tethered inspection system, depending the application use. You can charge the robot off your cigarette  lighter in your car or of the mains.

  • Contact us and let us know the type of Robot you need.
  • We will send you a quote based on your requirement.
  • Once you have accepted the quote, pay the deposit we will start on your build.
  • Plug in the switch and you are ready to use the system.
  • Android Tablet to view and capture the inspection in real time.
  • Custom Built Robot as required by customer.
  • Repeater system and a RC controller
  • Weather tight case.
  • Delivery times 2-3 weeks