Cover Health and Safety:

You cannot underestimate the risks of confined spaces. Workers who don’t follow every safety procedure before entering a confined space put their lives on the line. And that certainly calls for effective robotic inspection. 

Mold. It’s not uncommon for mold to be found in crawlspaces with a bare-earth floor. The soil holds moisture, which evaporates in the crawl space’s high humidity, providing the perfect environment for crawl space mold. 

Radon. Uranium is found in nearly all types of soil. As it decays, the uranium produces a hazardous radioactive gas known as radon. Unfortunately, radon can be found in crawl spaces with bare-earth floors, and the gas can pass into living areas. Living with radon for extended periods of time can be dangerous and lead to damaged lung tissue and even lung cancer.

Asbestos. Typically found in rocks and soil, asbestos is a mineral fibre, which has been used in many construction materials including insulation. However, it can cause serious health issues.

Pests. Crawl spaces also provide an ideal home for many unwanted pests like mice, raccoons, squirrels, termites, and cockroaches. These types of pests can do significant amounts of damage to the home, and the smaller pests can infest the living areas.


Our Robot is designed and built to go through the sub-floor space covering your health and safety. Carry our a detailed inspection with our on board Thermal Imaging Camera/ HD camera  to look for possible problems from a safe distance comparing both Thermal and HD image in real time. The 4 x planetary ball bearing gear motors have a huge amount of Torch to navigate through the rough areas with ease. Built dust proof and splash proof the robot is  very easy to use and maintain. 

Example of our robot inspecting a typical crawlspace

A Huge thank you to Ravi, from Techmatics NZ for building this custom inspection robot for us. This is a huge investment to the business and far surpasses our expectations for quality. Stay tuned for videos of the robot at work.
Mitch King
CEO Canterbury Property Reports