Electrical System Predictive Maintenance

Benefits of Remote Thermal Imaging from Techmatics

Reduction of fire risk

Overheated components do pose a very real fire risk, and electrical fires are a lot more common than most people realise. Insurance companies often insist on annual inspections; this is because they understand the association between thermography and the reduction in claims due to electrical fires. With electrical fires there can be very significant secondary damage, and often if a fire does not spread it is down to nothing more than luck.

System security 

A secure electrical system provides peace of mind, and can ensure confidence throughout a facility. Nobody wants a failure, particularly an uncontrolled one. Something as simple as a loose connection can cause intermittent disturbance and is very undesirable. Nobody wants to get out of hours calls, or to be awake all night worrying about unnecessary minor issues.

Reduction in downtime

Ok, when speaking to maintenance people I use the phrase “reduction in downtime”, but when talking to accountants I use the phrase “increase in uptime”. The two phrases mean the same thing, but the understanding of the individuals is different. An engineer will see “downtime” as a cost, and an accountant will see “uptime” as a benefit. It all basically comes down to the same thing, you either save money, or you make more money.

Reduction in manpower costs

Ideally, we want to direct manpower to just the areas where it is needed. Thermography identifies areas of concern, which can then be repaired. This way the resources are being put into the required areas only, freeing up manpower.


Increased Health and safety

Failures can be catastrophic, and can cause serious harm to personnel. Finding the problems early, means they can be taken out of service under controlled conditions and repaired. This means the failures are often repaired before they become a potential danger.

Example of thermal imaging cameras for electrical inspection

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