Hades-4 Custom Built Inspection Robot

Hades 4 Custom Built Inspection Robot

Hades 4 is our most advanced Inspection Robot. It comes with a HD camera and also a Thermal Camera. The Thermal is linked to our custom app, giving the user the ability to remotely view crawlspace inspections without having to risk health and safety of staff. The inspection can be viewed by multiple users remotely through the 4/5G network making it ideal for first responders, civil defence, police and fire. Multiple sensors can also be added to the robot making it one of the most advanced inspection robot in the international market. 

Applications for the Robot

The advanced onboard electronics and sensors make the Robot ideal for Civil Defense, Police, Fire Department, Department of Corrections etc. We can also further tailor the robot to meet custom requirements. with high level of video encryption for security. We also offer the robot in different colors and can also put your logo on it if required.