“Outdoor search and rescue robot research” is not only an important subject in universities, but also leads to the development and direction of specific military applications.
Hades-1 is our 6WD robot. This robot is made from 2mm thick anodized aluminium plate, with stainless steel and nickel-plated brass fittings. It features 6 powerful steel-geared motors, spiked tractor tyres, and a “Super Twist” suspension system (designed to keep all wheels on the ground). This chassis will let your robot go almost anywhere.
Each Hades-1 unit comes pre-assembled in a colour printed box only the wheels need to be fitted, and this is easily done with the supplied allen key. A simple printed manual is also include 


This robot comes complete with a Go-Pro mounted camera, situated on a custom tilt bracket. The high-powered LED lights mounted on the robot enable good visibility in dark crawlspaces. Hades-2 comes complete with an RC controller and a carry case.

 As an additional feature, downloading the Go-pro app to your phone will allow you to see and record footage of all inspections. Said footage is recorded on the robot’s SD card and, after an inspection, you can download it, along with any/all images, to your computer.


Fully designed and built in Christchurch, Hades-3 is one of our best sellers to date. With 4 individual ball bearing planetary gear motors, this robot is perfect for traversing rough surfaces with ease. Its splash-proof design and build allows users (Building Inspectors, Engineers, and Surveyors) to inspect
underfloor areas, ceiling spaces, and drains and culverts with ease. The custom app provided is very user-friendly, making the system easy to operate, and Hades-3 comes in a watertight case for easy transportation.


Hades-4 is our most advanced inspection robot, equipped with both a HD camera and a thermal camera. The thermal camera is linked to our custom app, giving users the ability to remotely view
crawlspace inspections without having to risk the health and safety of staff members. Multiple sensors can also be added to the Hades-4, making it one of the most advanced inspection robots in the international market

Techmatics Custom built Robotics

Ravi, Thank you very much for the robot that you have constructed for our team. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and in particular the special attention to the additional requirements attaching the laser to the system. Already we have put the robot to good use, with a successful outcome.I would also like to thank you personally for the level of service you provided, keeping in touch throughout the process and giving regular updates – very refreshing. Kind regards, Grant Hunt
Grant Hunt
Grant Hunt Inspections Nelson