Reduce Downtime

Reduce Downtime and Increase Productivity

Proactive vehicle repair and maintenance: The entire robotics chain has evolved beyond traditional methods of inspection. Improve speed, accuracy, and compliance across your business with technology. Give your staff the freedom to focus on growth and profit-driving activities. When operating a fleet of vehicles there is a need to inspect  underside of the vehicles on a regular basis. Currently the process is to take the vehicles to the workshop and pt them over the inspection pit. This will at times mean taking the vehicles off road at times and effect the workflow. 

Techmatics Robotics offers you the safest and most accurate remote video inspections in Building and Transport industry. Reduce you risk with our remote visual inspection robot. Reduce downtime by detecting defects faster. 

Our robots come with Thermal Imaging camera along side a normal HD camera allowing the user to see a detail view if the inspection.  Malfunctioning brakes, overheated bearings and other tyre risks can be detected by thermal anomalies, which are easily identifiable by the thermal imaging camera.For example, defective or non-functioning brakes are typically colder than a vehicle’s operational brakes. This difference is clearly visible on a thermal image.

Example of Under Vehicle Inspections

Under Vehicle inspection carried out at VTNZ station Christchurch New Zealand
Andrew McKenzie
Branch Manager VTNZ