Proactive vehicle repair and maintenance:

The entire robotics chain has evolved beyond traditional hardware robots and into a new era that will support end-to-end automation of much of our daily lives. It will have implications stretching across all professions, from blue-collar factory workers and their white-collar equivalent in knowledge work, to those employed by the growing on-demand economy.

In case of under vehicle inspection, it is  not until something has really gone wrong the vehicle is taken off road and sent for repair. This can be be a costly process and can  reflect negatively on the operation of the business as a whole. 

Using our robots for routine maintenance can be very useful in getting valuable data of the under vehicle cavity. Our remote thermal imaging camera on the robot will allow users to look for warning signs that could result in costly repairs and a potential hazard that could be avoided. 

Maintenance  on the vehicles can be scheduled and all photo and video data can be saved on the cloud specific to the particular vehicle registration number . Carry our remote inspection with our advanced cloud software. Talk to us for a demo. 

Example of our under vehicle inspection robot in action

Property Check have worked with Techmatics over the last 18 months to develop an underfloor robot for our underfloor inspections. Over this time Ravi has displayed real commitment in providing the best service and results. The project has had its challenges and Ravi has accepted them all and has worked with us as much as possible to overcome these challenges. We are very happy with our robot project and are looking forward to Ravi building our next one with some new ideas.
Darin Devanny
CEO Property Check