Techmatics Robotics offers you the safest and most accurate remote video inspections in Building and Transport industry. Our inspection robots can inspect all your vehicle underbelly for cracks and defects before they become a hazard or a health and safety risk. They can save you valuable time, money and save lives through vehicle pre-checks.

Reduce you risk with our remote visual inspection robot.


The transport industry is faced with regular maintains of its vehicles as equipment go through their normal use life cycle. Challenge arises when you have to regularly check plant equipment on a periodic basis. Taking a vehicle off the road  for pre-check can take time, money and affect business reputation. Underbelly of a truck needs regular checks to avoid any build-up of particles leading to rust, cracks and wear and tear. You do not want to leave this defects unattended as build-up of soil, concrete or oil leaks and cracks can decrees the life cycle of your asset and may even cause and accident which cod have been avoided 

Our inspection robots can go through the underbelly of the trucks and provide a full and detailed inspection providing photo and video data which can be recorded directly on to our custom app. The robot is built tough yet very versatile and manurvable to give you a detail and through inspection of your vehicle underside looking for any cracks or unwanted deposits which could be harmful for the truck costing you money. This will minimize your down time and will help you schedule any maintenance in advance. 

Our robot is very easy to use, and come with full support, instructions and warranty. We can also provide training on how to use the robot. 


Benefits of Techmatics Visual Inspection robots.

  • Reduce downtime by detecting defects faster. 

  • Scheduling maintenance and repairs 

  • Key health and safety for your staff. 

  • The images captured by the robot can be sent in real time. 

  • Identify health any safety hazards such as broken pipes, buildup of dirt and concrete or  oil leaks etc.