Save Money and increase productivity for building inspectors.

Using the  Techmatics inspection Robots , there is no need to suit up and crawl in yourself to inspect the sub-floor space. This can save the inspection process about 30%-40%  in costs and time. The building inspector can easily drive the robot under the sub-floor and get a HD/Thermal View of the inspection for a detailed and peace of mind inspection. The robot easily fits onto the manhole of the sub-floor ready to be used. 

  • By saving time per inspection the robot also pays for itself and increases productivity of the building inspectors. 
  • Save an average of half and hour per inspection.
  • Savings estimation of $100 per inspection.
  • With an average of 5 to 6 inspections per week, potential saving of $28000 per year. 

For the Vehicle Inspector

For the Vehicle Inspector the robot can save money and increase productivity  by reducing the down time. Regular checkup of the under vehicle cavity with the help of our split screen technology   allows the vehicle inspector or the mechanic to identify potential problems that could be expensive to fix if not attended in time. 

This also allows to plan and schedule regular maintenance of the vehicles adopting a proactive approach as compared to a reactive approach for better maintenance scheduling. 

Vehicle Inspection by Techmatics Robotics

We were looking for a Robot that would do our underfloor inspections. We contacted Techmatics to build us a robot that would suit our needs. What we received was a great piece of Technology that surpassed our expectations. The robot has been reliable, robust and easy to use. We have named it Robby and hope to work further with Techmatics for future developments.
Alan Charles
CEO Focused Property Inspections