Save time:

The robot pays for itself

The average time saved per inspection is between 30% to 40%. It takes time to wear protective gear and enter crawlspaces for inspection. Depending on the size of the house the inspector will have to crawl though the sub-floor to carry out the inspection. This can be time consuming and hazardous process. 

Our robots are built and designed to go through crawlspace areas and  carry our out a detailed inspection. Use the thermal imaging camera on the Robot to look for water leaks, moisture damage and insulation defects. The HD camera will only give a standard view while the Thermal Camera will show hidden defects giving you peace of mind. 

Once the inspection is completed, drag and drop images from the gallery on the tablet  to your report for efficiency and faster delivery of the building report to your customer. Use our state of the art remote viewing option to share the live inspection with a supervisor for a second opinion.

Save and average of half and hour per inspection with an estimated amount of $100 per inspection. 

Increase efficiency

The robot can also increase efficiency and productivity to many organisations, where security is paramount. Using the robots for checking the underside of the vehicles entering secure facilities can be efficient and precise.The use of the thermal imaging camera on the robot can be used for checking hidden cavities under the vehicles adding to security and safety of the secure facility. 

Hades Robot with self-balancing laser

Some prisoners go to extreme lengths to get contraband into prison, including pressuring partners, friends or associates to bring it into prison when they visit. Use of the robot has the potential to make these searches faster, safer, easier and more thorough.” The robots could also be used for searching confined, closed spaces within prisons, such as ducting, Beales said.
Neil Beales
Corrections chief custodial officer