Storm Water Drain Inspection Robot

Multi use Robot

The Hades-6 robot can be used for storm water drain inspection or a culvert where crawl space is unsafe to access. Light weight tether system can be carried easily with minimum effort to inspect various locations. 

The Video can be displayed on a an android tablet or an iPad. The operator can drive the robot and also take snap shots. The operator can also zoom in and zoom out of the live stream to get a better view of the inspection. 

The inspection can also viewed viewed in Thermal Imaging mode as well of an in-depth analysis of the area.  

Remote Inspection Via 4G network

The inspection from the robot can also be viewed remotely over the 4 G network. 

The systems can also be integrated with a cloud software to store images as per GPS location making it one of the most cost effective and advanced inspection robot in the international market. 

Example of a storm water drain inspection.