Under vehicle inspection with Techmatics Robots

Conduct Under Vehicle security Inspections and preventative Maintenance with our advanced machine learning algorithms

Thermal images are used for all kinds of safety checks to reduce the risk of fire or premature product failure. Using our Robots with thermal imaging camera could save you thousands of dollars in down time and vehicle maintenance. Thermal camera inspections are often used as an evidence base for insurance claims. This includes the various mechanical, electrical and safety issues outlined above. Inspect the under carriage of vehicles crossing into secure facilities for drugs, weapons and explosives. 


Thermal Vehicle Inspections

View Insulation Defects

Thermal scanners can review the effectiveness of, and find gaps in, ceiling and wall insulation. Using our Robots with thermal imaging camera you can provide your clients a through report on insulation in their  house so that adequate steps can be taken to insulate any areas that are missing insulation. 

Building Inspection with Techmatics Robotics

Our  Robot can conduct through inspection of crawlspaces giving the inspectors a clear view of what they are looking at in conventional HD mode and also thermal mode. With our custom software users can view both the images real time. 

Conduct search and rescue operations with our Thermal Imaging Robot.

Conduct search and rescue from a safe standoff distance, then move in when the time is right. Thermal cameras allow you to look for trapped humans or animals without having to put your life in danger. This is extremely useful for law enforcement and security applications.

Thermal Imaging Cameras for Substation Monitoring with Techmatics Robotics

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Thermal imaging technology can improve the reliability and security of electric substations. Although electric utilities have for many years used handheld thermal imaging cameras to monitor substation equipment, quite some are now turning to permanently installed thermal imaging camera systems.