Robotic Under Vehicle inspection system with Thermal Imaging and HD Camera

Mobile Vehicle Inspection System

Inspecting vehicle undercarriage can be a challenge  for security companies. The under carriage area is difficult to access and is an ideal spot for hiding explosives, drugs and weapons.  Techmatics Vehicle Inspection System is built with advanced machine learning algorithms to detect, scan and document inspections instantly. Our unique cloud platform allows the data to stored and shared  as per customer requirement to check the vehicles entering and leaving any secure  facility such as prisons and govt departments. 

The robot’s smooth easy operation  enables high-efficiency vehicle inspection by saving time and increasing productivity. We can design and build you a fixed vehicle inspection ramp or a robot to check  under vehicle areas. Along with Hardware we can also design the necessary software application as required.  Our split screen technology with Thermal Imaging Camera can help inspectors identify hidden faults and unwanted elements entering a secure zone. The images on the tablet can be  emailed and sent to the necessary person instantly saving time, resources and increasing efficiency. 

Fixed Vehicle Inspection System

We can also build you a custom fixed under vehicle surveillance system with best price for road security CCD  with automatic number plate capture system linked to a cloud platform. 

The system is at a fixed location designed to inspect under carriages using our advanced machine learning algorithms. This will save time and increase efficiency of the inspection process. Vehicles crossing into a secure zone can be scanned instantly  giving the operator the required information. 

Integrate Thermographic Inspection

Based on a great number of applications, especially in the automotive sector, Techmatics  integrates multiple requirements directly into infrared cameras, respectively into the software package. High thermal resolutions, fast frame rates and the integration of infrared camera systems into complex test environments within the scope of data analytics are only a few examples.

In order to test fast-rotating objects, such as brakes or tires, Techmatics has developed a special solution and software for early detection. Thermal behaviour of diverse braking materials or specific forms of disc brakes can be analyzed at full speed with the help of the our custom thermal imaging camera system. 

Non-Destructive Testing Saves Time and Money

The ultimate marketing tool for presenting cars’ safety are, certainly, crash tests – one of the worst testing methods for engineers and controllers since, in the course of this process, the device under test will be destroyed. Thus, neither further tests can be carried out nor is it possible to remedy any deficiencies of the product.

Thermal imaging helps to make defects visible without damaging the device under test on its testing. Therefore, functions of catalysts as well as electric systems of cars and motor assemblies can also be tested with the help of infrared camera systems.

Moreover, defects and deficiencies of multiple products for the automotive industry are only to be detected through temperature changes. Thus, heated seats and window heating can be tried and tested for their functionality by applying infrared camera systems.

Example of under vehicle inspections with thermal imaging camera.