Under Vehicle Inspections





Introducing Remote Under vehicle Inspection System.

Our Robot can provide a detail under vehicle inspection. With a height of  130 mm the robot can drive into hard to reach crawl spaces  under vehicles and capture valuable snapshots and data. Manufactured in New Zealand and being custom made the robot can be further customized with additional sensors and devices to get the job done without putting humans in danger in a safe manner. Key features of the robot are as follows.

  • Protect the health and safety of your staff and let the robot do the inspection for you.
  • High definition video and images to conduct a through  inspection to get an accurate assessment condition underneath the vehicle.
  • Photos can be recorded on the tablet, ready to be emailed or shared instantly.
  • Video stream from the Robot can also be projected onto a big screen if required.
  • Comparable with both iOs and Android Devices.
How does it work

The Robot comes in a compact weather tight case for rapid deployment and can be used virtually anywhere. Be it on a side of the Road, vehicle testing station or a workshop the robot can be put to action with a few clicks. Turn on the repeater, the robot, the tablet and RC controller and you are away. The system can be further developed to be used with Virtual Reality if required. The robot is splash proof and dust proof and is built tough and rugged. Please see our Vehicle Inspection  Video Below.

  • Customized solution. Robots can be made to order to suit different applications.
  • Easy to install, tough rugged and reliable. (Please see our customer feedback)
  • Constant backup support and maintenance from the Techmatics team.
  • We can also supply the robot with complete SLA’s to suit customer requirement.

Techmatics is a Christchurch based company and we provide backup and support on all our products. We take pride in our work and are happy to support our customers when they need us. All our robots come with 2 years manufacturers warranty.

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